The TTT Recycled from two iconic Triumph motorcycles
The 901 GW Recycled from the Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks
The P-51 Limited Recycled from the world's most sought after Shelby Mustangs
The RNR Recycled from a classic Land Rover
The 901 RWB Recycled from the original RWB Porsche
The RJM Recycled from a Spitfire aircraft
The 901 Recycled from Porsche 911's
The P-51 Recycled from Ford Mustangs
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The Holy grail

of lost collector cars reborn as timepieces

The P-51
Green Hornet & Little Red

A dial handcrafted from two of the most

sought-after vehicles

Little Red and Green Hornet are two mythological prototype Shelby Mustangs that were once lost, but now found and restored to their original glory. Many car fans were sure these cars had been destroyed decades ago and lost forever – even more people questioned they had ever existed. Excess sheet metal from both cars have been built into the design of our newest and extremely limited timepiece collection.

Both cars belonged to and were driven by legendary automotive designer and race driver Carroll Shelby. Soon you will have the chance to own a Swiss Made mechanical timepiece - not only incorporating a piece of metal from two legends, but also captivating the unique design of both cars.



The hunt for




LITTLE RED is a one-off experimental 1967 Prototype Shelby Mustang GT500 EXP Coupe. She was ordered by Carroll Shelby, when he came back from the Le Mans in 1966 with Ford’s first overall win and became his R&D car.

Countless enthusiasts and experts have searched for Little Red since she went missing in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until March 3rd, 2018 she was discovered in rural North Texas by a team led by car collector, Craig Jackson.

GREEN HORNET is a one-off 1968 Shelby GT500 EXP Coupe. She was an experimental styling car with Shelby scoops and a rear spoiler. The car was given to Carroll Shelby by Ford, who started experimenting on the car with the newest tech that Ford was secretly working on: An electronic fuel injection, which made the apple green Mustang way ahead of its time.

A unique design DNA

captivated in a watch

REC Watches has gone to extraordinary means to find unique artifacts and put these into a brand new timepiece. They keep the patina and build the watch to represent the vehicle. There wasn’t much excess sheet metal to work with for REC Watches. But there was enough to build these unique watches in very limited numbers”.

Craig Jackson – Car collector & Restorer and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

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