The TTT Recycled from two iconic Triumph motorcycles
The 901 GW Recycled from the Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks
The P-51 Limited Recycled from the world's most sought after Shelby Mustangs
The RNR Recycled from a classic Land Rover
The 901 RWB Recycled from the original RWB Porsche
The RJM Recycled from a Spitfire aircraft
The 901 Recycled from Porsche 911's
The P-51 Recycled from Ford Mustangs
901 Stainless Steel Bracelet Fits all 901 watches
Black 901 Stainless Steel Bracelet Fits all 901 watches
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In an increasingly saturated watch market, REC Watches was created in 2014 from a passion of horology and history.

As you are about to discover, our ambition to do things differently is expressed both in product and presentation. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships through teamwork, unique products, an unmatched storytelling universe, and dedicated marketing and sales support.

With that, it’s our distinct pleasure to personally invite you to join the REC Watches Official Retailer family, and hope that you will be as excited at the prospect as we are!

Jonathan KamstrupChristian Mygh Jonathan Kamstrup & Christian Mygh
Founders of REC Watches

A Unique Product

Starts with a concept like no other


Or just REC for short!

  • Visible patina making it visibly unique
  • Clear design inspiration from the recycled icon
  • Remarkable build quality and value for money


Discover the unique story behind every watch

We carefully collect and convey those stories, such that all REC timepieces are accompanied by an authentic one-of-a-kind biography of the particular icon from which they were made

- allowing us to take product Storytelling to a whole new level! Made from parts of recycled iconic objects, every single REC Watch is naturally born with the story of their repurposed parts.

Captivating In-Store Universe

Starts in your store...

We believe that product and presentation must go hand-in-hand in order to deliver an unprecedented brand experience for your customers. While the beginning of the brand journey can vary from customer-to-customer, REC Watches are inarguably a touch-see-and-feel product due to the uniqueness of every timepiece.

We are always open for local adjusted in-store improvements that makes the difference. As part of our commitment, we have developed an extensive Official Retailer program, in order to drive traffic and optimize sales-through in your store, including but not limited to:

Display Solutions

In-Store Ambassador

Retailer Exclusive Products

Co-Hosted Events

Did you know...

Dedicated Sales Support

Your success is our success!

Personal sales support

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced Sales Managers are here to support you, and ensure you get the best possible start with REC Watches. Although we work as a team, you will always have one dedicated Sales Manager, who will always be available to help out!

Handpicked retail distribution

With REC Watches as part of your portfolio, we guarantee you Local Area Exclusivity - ensuring that any prospective customers in your area will be pointed in your direction!

Marketing & Social Media Support

Our extensive media and content library will be made freely available to you, such that you can present the brand, concept and products in a multitude of ways both inside your store, on your website, or through social media channels. In addition, our digital media team are always more than happy to help you create the best custom content or coordinate social media postings!

Ready to get started?

Join the family
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