The 901 Made from Porsche 911's
The P-51 Made from Ford Mustangs
The Mark I Made from Mini Coopers
The Cooper Made from Mini Coopers
24MM Fits all P-51 & 901 watches
22MM Fits all Mark I watches
20MM Fits all Cooper watches


There's no mistaking the P-51 for anything other than a car guy's watch.
A well thought-out concept, executed to the finest details and with a clear vision of what it is supposed to be.
Monochrome Watches
The material with its corroded look, scratches and brushes, looks simply amazing and play nicely with light.
Fratello Watches
A tribute to an icon of the American automotive industry, these striking mechanical watches have definitely left us impressed here at Coolector HQ and for anyone with a love of these cars in particular, there can be no better choice.
The Coolector
Whether you are a car enthusiast, support a good social cause, or just appreciate solid Danish design acumen, you can’t go wrong with the REC P-51.
Europa Star
Very few collectors show that personal touch, and manufacturers virtually never do. Until now, that is. REC Watches has taken that custom ideal to watchmaking with their newest offering.
Worn & Wound
If you are in the market for something that is a bit more interesting and more of a talking piece than the majority of other timepieces in this price segment, the REC P-51 races for your attention with solid build quality.
A Blog To Watch


Got both of mine last P51 -01 Thursday(the 14th - Bastille day !!!). Just superbe and Awesome. Very nice look and quality, sits well on the wrist. I'm really positively impressed, Now I need to see how to buy the car to drive with such nice watch !! Waiting to see eagerly what will be next REC watch and whenever aston Martin will come on board I will jump again to supporet such Fantastic story . Many thanks to REC Team and all informations shared during the creation frame Merci !! Didier Maillard, France
The initial impression is AWESOME!!! Great looks and quality, not too big, sits perfect on the wrist. VERY impressed, especially from some (don't get upset) horological rookies. Easily comparable to Hamilton or Tissot( I own both), makes a lot of Swiss watches seem overpriced with their praised tradition that does not translate into a higher quality product. And the easily changeable straps? Sent from heaven. All of us watch lovers like to accessorize , and with the p51 it's a pleasure. Great concept, great execution, glad I'm a part of this. Victor Petreheus, United States
Just received 2 P51's, the 02 and 03. Both are well worth the wait. During all these months, I've received many messages from the REC Team, mainly from Chris and Jonathan, which made me aware of their professionalism and attention to quality and detail. The watches are well designed and built. The packaging further enhanced the overall user experience. Thank you all! German Andrade, United States
Got the watch - P51...awesome product and worth the wait. Go well with my 66 convertible mustang - signal flare red color. Thanks. Ganesh Bale, United States
Got my watch a few days ago and I love it! It's really good stuff. I was afraid the massive size would feel a bit awkward but it fits naturally despite my small wrist. Olivier Hua, France
Just recieved mine in Singapore! You guys really outdone yourselves, completely surpassed my expectations! The metal box had a slight dent during transition, but who cares, the watch is perfect. I'm in love with this sexy beast! Well done guys! Tanner Tan, Singapore
The P-51 is fantastic...... cheers REC, you made magic :D Lars W. Hellmund, Denmark
Just got my watch, and as mentioned by many people, it exceeded my expectation too. Loving the watch, looking forward for your company new product in the future. Good job guys :) Vince Sy, Singapore
P-51-01 well received in France and already on my wrist! It looks great and already made me forget our defeat against Portugal in soccer last sunday! Thanks to the both of you and good luck for your future projects! Ruff Yves, France
I have received my P51-1 and the watch is stunning. Great job Christian and Jonathan. Incredible level of detail and amazing quality. I do not know how FedEx handles their packages, but the inner box was outside of the "oil canister" :) The travel case is also very nicely done and the olive green strap is so sweet too. Congratulations guys for the really successful campaign. Svetoslav Popov, Bulgaria
I got my p51-02 today. You guys have done great job and I am 100% satisfied. The watch exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to your next project! Jacky Kong, United States
Received in Canada, it is a badass product. Tong Tong Pan, Canada
I received my watch today in Switzerland and it is awsome!!! Thank you guys :) Nils Fokken, Switzerland
Hi guys, today i received my P51-2 watch in Dubai, its a master piece. Hamad Tarish Saeed Almehairy, Dubai
WOW! I have to say that you guys surpassed all my expectations. I'm not a "collector", at least not a big one, but I have a small collection of 30'ish watches. And the P-51 has a finish and look of a premium watch. Jesus Garcia, Canada
I love every single detail. The dial with the Vin number is gorgeous. The PR looks great, and the window with the time and date just fantastic. The straps are also pretty cool. The box kind of car oil can is very cool and original. And the idea of the card with the QR code to watch the video adds value to the product and the dream of Mustang! And the case, it's fantastic, I love it! Everybody as me about the watch it is really cachy! Very good job guys! Thank you very much. Fernando Sosa, Spain
I feel compel to email you to thanks you guys for the great job, watch and the fantastic packaging. I owned a large collection of watches and I have to say this piece really stand out from the crowd. Excellent story and design work! Poh Teck Hian, Singapore
I just wanted to say thank you! I received my P51-1 in the post today and I must say that it was worth the quality related delays. Fantastic job guys! Everything from the watch itself to the packaging, watch roll and spare strap, it's all perfect. I can't wait to see what you come up with next so I can buy it as well! have a great day guys! Marc. Marc Truant, Canada
This was my 1st kickstarter investment and you guys didn't make me regret my decision. I just received my watch. Great job on the packaging - makes for a great customer experience. The watch looks and feels great. I must admit, I had my doubts as the delays were mounting but given your desire to do it right or not do it at all, the dividends paid are huge. Can't wait to start wearing my new piece and getting questions about it. My only regret at the moment might be that I didn't get 2. Panayiotis Lambropoulos, United States
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