Allow us to introduce the concept

REC: RECover, RECycle, REClaim – Timeless pieces made from and inspired by iconic machines

Our concept is three-fold:

First, we RECover the unique backstory behind iconic vehicles of automotive legend. Then, through inspired aesthetic cues, design motifs, or original pieces, we innovatively RECycle this powerful narrative into rare and timeless pieces, to be REClaimed by their most discerning collectors.

This concept sets us apart from every other name in this industry and lies at our brand’s core

The Limited collection – timepieces infused with the DNA of iconic machines

Many of our limited-edition watches are recycled with original parts salvaged from the donor vehicle, marked with subtle imperfections acquired over its lifespan that complement its emotive design references.

This renders each creation a unique visual signature and serves as an anchor in time to its iconic backstory. 

These collections are “naturally limited” due to a finite number of original parts, offering a degree of exclusivity to be cherished by their greatest aficionados.

The Core collection – a journey through automotive history

Our core collection captures the essence of an era where iconic cars roamed the automotive landscape. They’re a celebration of the sleek lines and bold curves of classic sports cars, the smooth curves of vintage convertibles, and the streamlined efficiency of futuristic prototypes. 

In the wrist of the wearer, each watch becomes a personal portal to a different moment in automotive history, a celebration of the beauty and innovation of the machines that have defined the roads we travel.