About us
History on your wrist since 2014


REC Watches, founded in 2014 by Jonathan Kamstrup & Christian Mygh, stands as a distinguished Danish independent watch brand.

Our specialization lies in crafting exceptional timepieces using original materials sourced from remarkable and iconic machines throughout human history.

At REC Watches, we coined the concept “recover – recycle – reclaim,” a distinctive approach that sets us apart within the industry.

Our timepieces serve as poignant tributes to the legacies of the donor machines, encapsulating their narratives through meticulous attention to detail and design.

Since our modest inception, we’ve delighted thousands of customers worldwide, achieving two crowdfunding records and earning numerous design awards along the way.

Our team comprises dedicated watch enthusiasts, automotive aficionados, and history buffs, united by our shared passion for automotive history and horological craftsmanship.

The concept
No machines harmed in the making


At REC, our primary mission is to honor and preserve the rich legacy and history of the iconic machines we work with, enabling customers and enthusiasts worldwide to carry a piece of history on their wrist.

We exclusively utilize original parts sourced from salvage, excess, or otherwise deemed unusable, ensuring an authentic connection to the past.

Beyond their historical significance, the use of repurposed original materials yields a captivating side effect: each timepiece boasts a unique patina, ensuring that no two watches are ever identical.

All our products are meticulously developed in-house in Denmark and crafted in Switzerland. Furthermore, they are “naturally limited” by the availability of source materials from each donor machine, ensuring the exclusivity of each piece.

Our promise
Creativity over conformity


We hold immense respect for the profound narratives embodied by the donor machines we encounter. Whether it’s a historic warplane or a renowned race car, these machines inherently evoke powerful emotions.

Each project we undertake is fueled by the ambition to unearth and honor the collective and personal tales behind each donor machine, encapsulating its essence within a unique and unforgettable design.

This core value distinguishes us within the industry and propels our commitment to sustainability, ensuring the preservation of the iconic stories that define automotive history. We are dedicated to sharing this mutual passion and fostering enduring relationships with our fans, partners, and friends who share our enthusiasm for the journey ahead.