Allow us to show you our history

Recover, recycle, reclaim – timeless creations made from material of iconic vehicles around the world

We RECover the original material of iconic vehicles and innovatively RECycle these parts into each of our timeless creations. Finally, we REClaim the hidden narrative of the donor machine that lies within the salvaged parts.


Amidst the rumble of engines and the tick-tock of time, two adventurists, Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup, returned from their Australian sojourn and decided to blend their passion for iconic automation and horology into an enduring watch brand.

An idea birthed in this spirit of spontaneity, with a swig of whiskey and a dash of chutzpah, the two intrepid visionaries gave birth to their inimitable brainchild, REC Watches, a brand built on the bedrock of imaginative storytelling and a relentless quest for innovation.

With nothing but a small savings pool: no network; no investment; no suppliers or distributors, they brainstored some sketches and designs, and decided to embark on their  journey into the watch market.

Their first stop: the Watches & Wonders Exhibition (previously Baselworld)

Acquainting with a fellow Danish, who was coincidentally a supplier for the Danish brand, Skagen, REC Watches sourced their first supplier.

With a HQ that started out in a small shared flat, they didn’t prepare for the real estate needed to store their first load of 1200 watches.

Though nothing could stifle their elation when they unboxed their first ever watch design: the Mark I and the Cooper, boh quartz-pieces made from salvaged Morris Minis.

The next hurdle was investment.

Once again by a stroke of luck, they shifted to the free office space of an entrepreneurial hub in Copenhagen, where an opportunity cropped up to pitch their idea to a team of investors.

Leveraging the physicality and storytelling aspect of their product, they caught the attention of the investors amidst rife competition specialized in the digital space.

Still a fledgling brand who needed some help navigating the business side of the horological ecosystem, REC Watches participated in “Løvens Hule” (the Danish equivalent of Dragons Den / Shark Tank).

After a pitch and concept that garnered the interest of 4 new investors, they all bought into their idea, offering the support, investment and network that REC Watches then lacked.

Later that year, REC Watches released another quartz timepiece that contained the fragments of salvaged Morris Minis – “The Minimalist”. 

From knocking door-to-door of local watch-stores and endless rounds of cold-calling and emailing, they took their ventures onto Kickstarter and launched the crowdfunding campaign of their first mechanical watch, the P51.

Made from salvaged Ford Mustangs in 3 color variations, the funding for the campaign reached 3,2 mio dkk (£380,000/$460,0000).

This was, at the time, the #1 funded Danish Kickstarter campaign.

The P51 collection was listed by The Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 5 watches to own  in the <$5000 category.

Building on this traction through to 2016, the P51 collection was expanded with the P51-04 the P51-RTR timepieces, using raw, salvaged carbon fibre from Formula Drift Champion, Vaugh Gittn Jr’s Mustang RTR.

As a brand fuelled by the stories of the vehicles that comprise it, customers were invited to participate in an online poll to decide which automotive “icon” to base the next collection on.

And so, then bred their latest idea for a timepiece that bore the fragments of salvaged air-cooled era Porsche 911s – The 901 collection.

Taking back to Kickstarter, the 901 collection was launched via crowdfunding, raising 4,1 mio dkk.

Continually forging the way forward for combining automation and horology, REC pressed on to create their first private-label project for Nissan USA.

As a brand woven with the threads of lasting kinship with their followers, they were once again, invited to share their opinions via another poll, seeking to uncover the next “icon” that would share as the inspiration for their latest timepiece. 

Taking to the skies for the first time, the Supermarine Spitfire came out in highest demand.

So in 2018, we took inspiration from the boundless skies to soar to new heights with the launch of the RJM Collection, crafted from the same material as the legendary Mk.IX Supermarine Spitfire “PT879”. 

Available in three captivating colors, this horological marvel marked a historic milestone in our journey to transform timeless relics into extraordinary timepieces as a masterpiece of engineering that captured the essence of aviation in a way that only we can.

With the rising popularity of our 901, and P-51 range, we expanded our collection with the 901-RS, made from the 1973 Porsche Carrera 2.7, and the P51-RTR made from Vaughn Gittin Jr’s formula Drift RTR-spec Mustang.

In 2019, we pulled the silks on the P-51 Eleanor, featuring the parts of a ‘68 Fastback Mustang, “Eleanor” repurposed to be showcased on the dial.

Also expanding the RJM Collection with the RJM-04 Bluebird, this novel timepiece was made from a Mark IX Spitfire aircraft “PT879” aka. “The Russian Spit.”

We also launched the RNR (Road Not Required) Collection, made from salvaged Land Rover Defenders, introducing this collection to our audience with the Rockfighter and Beachrunner pieces.

The latest addition to our 901 Collection, we released the RWB Range, made from Akira Nakai’s two famous custom 911 cars, the “Stella” and the “Rotana.” 

A year of innovation and storytelling for REC Watches, we released a wide array of new pieces, each bearing their own unique narrative through the small pieces of automotive history they carry.

Releasing another dynamic duo of watches, we expanded the P51 Collection with the elusive P51 Green Hornet and its counterpart, Little Red. The only coupes to wear the Shelby nameplate, these pieces were made from the two ultra-rare, Shelby prototype vehicles.

Premiering the Escape and ICON 1000, we debuted the TTT Collection, a range of timeless creations made from iconic motorcycles for the seasoned rider or those simply drawn to the thrill of the open, dirt road. 

Collaborating with GuntherWerks, we further expanded the 901 range with the 901 GW Chelsea and Exoskeleton containing recycled carbon fibre from Gunther Werks’ very first customer commission vehicle and their only fully exposed carbon fiber vehicle.

The RNR Collection was also expanded with the RNR Arkonik, made in collaboration with UK-based ARKONIK Vehicles from their genesis vehicle “UJO” and widely considered as one of the finest Land Rover restomod manufacturers in the world.

In 2022, we launched our newest collection of watches, the Core Collection, capturing the essence of an era where iconic cars roamed the automotive landscape.

This concept was paved forward by the TURBO and TOURER range, inspired by their respective golden ages in automotive history: TURBO by the “supercharged turbocars” of the 80s; TOURER by the cruisin’ grand tourers of the 60s

Though our Limited Collections were still expanding with the introduction of the SPX DeLorean – a timepiece that contains original fragments from John Z. DeLorean’s company DMC-12.

Each watch we have released continues to be a tribute to the artistry, passion and story behind the automotive legends that inspired them. The rest of these stories continue to be written. Watch this space.

With every ticking timepiece we unveil, we pay homage to the unrivaled craft, fervor, and lore of the automobile icons that spurred their creation. But these tales are far from over, and the next chapter continues to be written. Watch this space.