The 901 Made from Porsche 911's
The P51 Made from Ford Mustangs
The Mark I Made from Mini Coopers
The Cooper Made from Mini Coopers
The Straps Customize your watch


Why have I never heard of REC Watches before?
Why, that’s easy: REC Watches is a brand-new company, officially launched in February 2014.
Is REC Watches affiliated with BMW, MINI, FORD or any other brand?
No. REC Watches is a small and independent watch company, and neither our brand nor our products should be interpreted as having any direct affiliation other brands, including the ones often associated with the icons we recycle.
Why is the brand called REC Watches?
REC is both an abbreviation of our concept “RECover – RECycle – REClaim” as well as a play on the pronunciation of the word “wreck”. Short and simple, much like our concept, it was the best we could come up with.
What is an “ApS”?
ApS is a reduction of the Danish term “Anpartsselskab”, which is highly similar in structure to a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
How fast can I expect my order, and who do you deliver with?
For national orders you can expect your new watch within 2 working days, where we use POST Danmark. For international orders we use FedEx, and you can normally expect delivery within 3 working days.
How can I be sure that the recycled material is really from the object you say it is?
If the visually rough surface of the dial, coupled with the trustworthy assurance of our company does not persuade you – do not worry. Not only are we prepared to guarantee the origin of your watch’s recycled material; we also provide a certificate of authenticity and original image of the recycled objects logbook with every product.
Do you randomly select which metal to recycle?
Blasphemy! The objects which we recycle are carefully selected based upon both their condition, recyclability, and in particular their individual stories. Odd as it may sound, that means we go to great lengths in order to find the ‘right wrecks’ to recycle. REC Watches exclusively recycles out-of-use objects/cars/whatever that would otherwise have been discarded.
How many watches do you get from a single car – and is my watch a limited edition?
The number of watches we can make from a single car really depends on both the state and size of the given car (d’uh) – but we normally find that we can make 400-800 watches from a single car. Your watch is a limited edition in the sense that only-so-many can be made from a single vehicle, and because it’s visual identity is a one-off. Because of the patina which the products are “born" with, every single piece is will look differently.
Why does my REC Watch not look exactly like the one on the website?
Each REC Watch will be visibly unique. For that reason, you may (or rather, will) experience that the dial surface of your particular watch may appear different from those pictured on our website. While this makes it difficult for us to show you exactly how your watch looks, we believe that it is also one of the biggest charms of a REC Watch. In fact, we endeavor to make the recycled metal remain as un-manipulated and authentic as possible in its transformation to a timekeeper, and thereby maintain as much of the recycled materials aesthetic appearance as possible!
Can I go swimming with my REC Watch?
Check the user manual brochure your watch came with for an answer that applies to your specific watch.
Will you transform my car into a watch for me?
While we do not have the capacity to take individual orders for custom-made watches, we are always very interested in any old out-of-use objects with a funny or interesting story to tell! Who knows, maybe your object could be in REC Watches sold around the world.
Has anyone ever actually read all the Frequently Asked Questions?
We like to think our customers prefer to do something else. Why did we even write this thing?