Allow us to introduce the concept

Recover, recycle, reclaim – timeless creations made from material of iconic vehicles around the world

We RECover the original material of iconic vehicles and innovatively RECycle these parts into each of our timeless creations. Finally, we REClaim the hidden narrative of the donor machine that lies within the salvaged parts.

We live, sleep, and breathe watches.

That is our promise

We combine our respective passions into one collective mission: To salvage original parts from iconic vehicles and recycle them into unique timepieces, that then serve as the canvas to perpetuate and carry with it, the storied, rich legacy of the donor machine. Our brand is a fusion of timeless quality, ingenious creativity, and riveting storytelling.

Driven by our desire to combine exceptional design with a timeless story, our watches continually push the boundaries of conventional watchmaking, rigorously tested to perform to the highest calibre.

Not only do we strive to be innovative and entrepreneurial, but in appreciating the historical and sentimental value of our creations, we hope to share this common passion and build lasting relationships with our fans, partners and customers.