Limited to 318 pieces

P51 Little Red Sold out

1,695.00 USD

Made from Carroll Shelby’s 1967 experimental Ford Mustang GT500 coupé prototype, aka ‘Little Red’.

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1,695.00 USD
Limited to 318 pieces
1,695.00 USD

Made from Carroll Shelby’s 1967 experimental Ford Mustang GT500 coupé prototype, aka ‘Little Red’.

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The P51 Little Red is a limited-edition timepiece made from Carroll Shelby’s 1967 EXP500 prototype, aka ‘Little Red’.

This unique big-block Shelby notchback coupe was pivotal in the evolution of the Ford Mustang and American muscle cars in general. Under the direction of Lee Iacocca, the car eventually became the model for Ford’s popular 1968 California Special Mustang, before being moved to storage and presumed lost or destroyed.

For years, Little Red was considered the holy grail of lost collector cars until, following intensive research led by Craig Jackson, the vehicle was ultimately tracked down and restored to its former glory. Excess parts from Little Red’s immaculate restoration have been repurposed to feature as the dial of the P51 Little Red timepieces.

The P51 Little Red cuts an eye-catching profile on the wrist thanks to its red-and-black color scheme, while the double calf leather strap combined with a sleek 42 mm cushion case guarantees a supremely comfortable fit.


Diameter 42,0 mm
Height 13,3 mm
Lug-to-Lug 48,5 mm
Dial Opening Ø: 37,0 mm
Weight: 122g


Caliber STP-12-13 movement
Type Mechanical, self-winding
Frequency 28,800 VPH (4.0 hz)
Power reserve 42 hours
Jewels 36


3 Hands w. small second at 9 o’clock / Power reserve indicator
Skeletonized sub-dial
5 ATM, 50 meters
3 year full warranty


316L Stainless steel
4-Piece case with black PVD coating and stamped sides
Top glass Sapphire Crystal with 3 layers of anti-reflective coating
Closed caseback with laser-engraving and deep etching


Handcrafted metal dial cut directly from ‘Little Red’, 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 EXP


Black calf leather strap with quick-release system
Width (Lugs) 22,0 mm
Width (Buckle) 20,0 mm
Length 125,0/85,0 mm

“I’ve always been asked, ‘What’s your favorite car?’ and I’ve always said, ‘The next one.’” – Carroll Shelby


Carroll Shelby’s experimental vehicle

Little Red was a unique experimental notchback prototype conceived to test the option for inclusion of a coupe in Shelby’s ’67/’68 product line. A typical Shelby melting pot of innovative engineering and styling ideas, the vehicle married hot-rod features with Ford’s legendary technical prowess.

Decades later, Little Red is widely regarded as a landmark in American automotive history and an experimental car pushed to the extreme limits of its time.

Seen in the context of Shelby’s love for experimentation, by no means an outlier – the Ford/Shelby GT40, designed to compete at Le Mans, was one of Little Red’s illustrious contemporaries. The name “Little Red” reflected its coupe-size and bright red color, with many interpreting it as a less-than-subtle jab at historic Le Mans rival Ferrari.

Car & Driver journalist Charles Fox related the story of driving Little Red on California’s Highway 60 back in 1968. Approaching speeds of 140 mph on the way back to his hotel, he found himself being chased by a fleet of overheating county police cars. As soon as they’d managed to catch and arrest him, they asked him to pop the hood in an attempt to make sense of what they had just witnessed!


Lost and Found in Texas Tornado Valley

Little Red represents a golden age of innovation in American car manufacturing and a jewel of Mustang history courtesy of a dedicated Shelby team. For half a century, the assumption was that Little Red had been crushed – the usual fate for prototype vehicles.

But for car enthusiast and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, Craig Jackson, the hunt for Little Red had become nothing short of a personal quest.

He put together a dedicated team to find Little Red and, on March 3rd 2018, his persistence paid off when Little Red was discovered in “Tornado Alley” in rural North Texas.

Jackson took it upon himself to restore the vehicle to its original condition, a major undertaking that would take almost two years and involve numerous specialists and mechanics.

As part of the process, some of the vehicle’s exterior parts had to be replaced or upgraded, freeing up original components for use in the dials of the P51 Little Red timepieces.


A piece of American automotive history

Distilling the history and design of one of the most iconic Mustangs ever built into a stylish timepiece was spectacularly challenging.

The idea was to create a captivating next-generation P51 watch full of subtle references that would really jump out at any true Mustang enthusiast.

Right from the initial sketch, we started building in multiple design references to Little Red. Using sheet metal salvaged from the car’s bodywork, we carefully incorporated some of Little Red’s most striking characteristics into the design.

The hubcaps are mirrored in the crown, the seat stitching is transposed to the strap and even the front and tail lights have found their place – subtly laser-engraved on the side of the watch case.

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