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The made-to-impress GT cars of the rumbling fifties have lent their spirit to this timeless watch collection. TOURER is shaped and built for the gentleman of today with the roaring spirit of yesterday.



Fusing Speed with Performance

The timeless TOURER watch collection is a ticking tribute to the high-profile GT roadsters of the fifties. These cars, which were built with pride by skilled craftsmen and designed by visionaries of style, decorated the urban landscape in the fifties and sixties with a renewed sense of automotive prowess.

Designed to leisurely cruise through the open roads, or tackle them with speed, a GT car fuses comfort with performance, combining the thrill of driving a sports car with the lavish luxury of a limo.

The GT concept was originally developed in Italy, in the 1920s, where the Italian Mille Miglia (1000-mile) race, held from 1927-57, was central to its development. In the words of Enzo Ferrari:

“The Mille Miglia created our cars and the Italian car industry. The Mille Miglia permitted the birth of GT, or grand touring cars, which are now sold all over the world. The Mille Miglia proved […] that motor racing improves the breed.”

Reflecting this blend of luxury and performance, the TOURER collection came to inception as a time capsule that captures the zeitgeist of the expressive ‘la dolce vita’ lifestyle from the roaring ‘60s and the romance of the open roads that accompanied it.

This watch is more than a watch – it’s a time capsule. So strap on your driving gloves, and display your TOURER watch as the final touch of class in your wardrobe.


Seductive Curves

The precise and tactile craftmanship behind each car were evident in every detail. In shape, the GTs of the ‘60s were characterized by their small frames and sleek, curved outline, evoking its own sentiment of luxury in design.

Their undulating edges, coupled with a compact design, formed a couped body chassis, the framework to which the other components were seamlessly integrated.

An expression of endurance, GTs were traditionally fitted with thicker, more heavy-duty wheel that fitted the meandering aesthetic.

Our TOURER collection showcases a 39mm case, flexing its own seductive curvature, directly inspired by the curved silhouette of GT vehicles.

The case is secured by lugs which parallel the rounded wheelbase of GTs – set in a mix of brushed and polished 316L stainless steel.


An Icon of Opulence

The elegant charm of the vintage GTs was lifted by the predominant use of robust steel (with some fibreglass and aluminium exceptions) with interiors swathed in premium materials such as leather, wood, and textiles.

An icon of comfort for the gentleman, GTs comprised of a softer suspension set-up, so on those long, interstate rides, you travel in the timeless grace of the ‘Gran Turismo’.

From the wood-rimmed stearin wheel and immaculate alloying to the finishing touches of the leather-skinned interior, GTs define premium comfort. The wheel, adjustable for both reach and rake, major instrumentation and the switchgear are all neatly positioned to deliver a classic racing aesthetic.

As we set off to craft the TOURER range, no compromise on materials was made. Encased in 316L stainless steel, with a mineral-glass exhibition caseback and enclosed within a domed sapphire crystal, the TOURER collection epitomizes timeless quality.



Made for the Gentleman

In styling, GTs embody detailed simplicity. Elaborate metallic shapes and patterns decorate the grills and hubcaps. Coined as the “gentleman’s luxury car”, elliptical headlights and a leather-lined interior radiate the class associated with GTs.

GTs of the ‘60s were traditionally two-door coupes with 2 seats or a 2+2 seating arrangement. They were front-engine cars with a rear-wheel drive to open up more cabin and loading space.

The evocative dial motif composed of stamp squares and metallic dots is a reference to the metallic, hand-made detailing found across the grills of GT cars of the era, providing a simple, yet sophisticated backdrop to the raised indices.

Made with the gentleman in mind, the leather straps are styled to fit your wrist, with a quick-release system for easy replacement. So, whether you are behind the wheel or not, you can strap on for a ride in understated class, whatever the outfit.

The TOURER Timepiece

Just as the GTs brought a newfound spirit to the open road, the TOURER range brings a renewed spirit to the timeless market.

Built with the backbone of a roaring era, the TOURER is designed to be worn with the sophisticated charm of a perfect gentleman

Fitted with intricate SELLITA caliber movement, that can be admired through the exhibition caseback and encrusted with 20 jewels, it’s precise, playful in its expression, and it fits any occasion – just like any man should aspire to be.

Wear your timepiece as a ‘vehicle’ of not only your style, but the freedom of the open road

This watch is more than a watch – it’s a time capsule. So don your best driving gloves, and display your TOURER watch as the final touch of class in your wardrobe.

Technical specs
  • Diameter: 39mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 45.8mm
  • Height: 11.25mm
  • Opening diameter: 31mm
  • Swiss-made SELLITA caliber SW200-1
  • Time & Date (Hours, Minutes, Seconds & Date)
  • Sweeping seconds
  • Self-winding mechanism
  • Date quick setting
  • Automatic & manual winding
  • 20 Jewels
  • 41 Hours power reserve
  • VPH 28,800 bph, 4Hz
  • Accuracy ± 15 sec per day
  • Top Glass: Sapphire crystal w. 3 layers of anti-reflection coating + sapphire caoting.
  • Caseback Glass: Mineral glass w. smoky effect.
  • Case, bezel, crown & caseback: 316L Stainless steel.
  • Strap: Genuine Leather
  • Buckle: 316L Stainless steel.
  • Width (lug): 20mm
  • Width (buckle): 18mm
  • Length: 125 / 75mm
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