TURBO NavyBlue

695.00 USD

The retro-inspired TURBO Collection is fueled by the vibrant spirit of turbocharged cars from the 1980s.

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695.00 USD
695.00 USD

The retro-inspired TURBO Collection is fueled by the vibrant spirit of turbocharged cars from the 1980s.

  • Free worldwide shipping
    Customs/duties for non-EU orders not included Read More
  • 36-month sales warranty &
    30-day returns Read More
  • Secure payments with credit card, Paypal
    or in monthly installments with Splitit
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The TURBO decade

The TURBO craze was a phase in the ‘80s which infused everyday road cars with the magical powers of race cars. From hot-hatches to world-beating supercars, ‘Turbo Everything’ was a phrase coined in the industry. For the moto-headed school kids of the era, it was the buzzword to draw your attention.

With the demand for fuel economy and the uprise in development of smaller engines, turbocharging was the metaphorical elixir for squeezing extra horsepower from the engine. The striking letters of the TURBO logo embossed across the exterior of the car sold itself – in fact, many car manufacturers sold the infamous badging, but not the associated turbocharging.

The TURBO Timepieces are designed to mimic this Golden Era for automation.

A romantic sentiment for those who want to reminisce, the turbo-inspired design cues imbuing throughout the watch range harken back to the shape, materials, and styling of these highly characteristic cars. Enclosed within a 40mm case that showcases the same rigidity and boxy silhouette of the turbocharged cars, the timepieces are scattered with evocative design references left for the wearer to cherish.

The dial draws inspiration from the rear window louvres, made from recycled plastic and engraved with the iconic ‘Turbo badging’ at 4 o’clock. Below the upper dial, sits a full superluminova lower dial, allowing a radiant presentation of neon glow through both the indices and louvre-slats.

This is neatly complemented by the vibrant (HNBR) rubber straps to match the decade of illuminated colour, complete with 1980’s decal styling and quick-release system.

‘Core collection’ concept
Unlike our LIMITED editions, the CORE Collection watches do not feature recycled components from any specific vehicle as part of their design, and instead take inspiration frin a selection of the most definitive eras in the history of man and machine.
  • Diameter 40,0 mm
  • Height 12,3 mm
  • Lug-to-Lug 46,0 mm
  • Dial Opening Ø 31,6 mm
  • Swiss-made SELLITA cal. SW200-1
  • Time & Date (Hours, Minutes, Seconds & Date)
  • Sweeping seconds
  • Self-winding mechanism
  • Date quick setting
  • Automatic & manual winding
  • 20 Jewels
  • 41 Hours power reserve
  • VPH 28,800 bph, 4Hz
  • Accuracy ± 15 sec per day
  • Top Glass: Sapphire crystal w. 3 layers of anti-reflection coating + sapphire coating.
  • Caseback Glass: Mineral glass w. smoky effect.
  • Case, bezel, crown & caseback: 316L Stainless steel.
  • Strap: Rubber
  • Buckle: 316L Stainless steel.
  • Width (lug): 20mm
  • Width (buckle): 18mm
  • Length: 125 / 75mm

A boxy design for an ‘out-of-the-box’ car

In shape, turbo cars showcased a boxy silhouette and were characterized by their straight cut and rounded edges.

With a bold and charismatic presence, the boxy design, with simple body panel bends, streamlined manufacturing and gave rise to flat, unadorned wheel wells.

A true throwback to the VHS era, the timepiece’s smooth exterior houses front lights that protrude like headlamps on a classic sports car, and its recycling plastic louvre detailing on the dial pays homage to the iconic styling found on the rear windows of 80s vehicles.

Mirroring the rigid silhouette of a turbocharged car, the timepiece is encased in a sturdy, 40mm rectangular housing with a pattern motif on the dial that reflects the detailing found in the rear-window louvres, made from recycled plastic. 


The 80s Love Affair with Plastic

The 80s were a decade when plastic was fantastic – a versatile and cost-effective material that was easy to mold and cast.

Car manufacturers embraced its potential, using it to craft impact-resistant components such as bumpers and fenders.

With a futuristic and imaginative approach, we push the boundaries of what could be achieved with this resilient, shiny material and seamlessly fused it with the aesthetic design of turbocharged cars, creating a truly innovative and striking look.

The interiors of these vehicles were no exception, often featuring sleek, modern layouts that were both functional and visually alluring.


Retro Hues, Modern Twist

In the styling of 80s Turbo cars, hood scoops and rear window louvers were popular, both in factory-standard models and custom modifications.

Combined with strking, unapologetic color schemes, Turbo-badging, and racing stripes, these cars stole the show and dominated the automotive landscape from their malaise-era counterparts.

The name TURBO, for our collection is a tribute to the solution that the automotive industries brought forth: a declaration of unparalleled performance – to roar at a raging speed just by the etching of ‘TURBO’ in sweeping letters across the bonnet, hood or doors.

A decade of color, we wanted to reflect this retro vibrancy in the TURBO range.

Beneath the upper dial, a full superlumina lower dial allows a radiant glow of neon light to shine through both the indices and louvre-slats, beautifully complementing the bright and durable HNBR rubber straps, featuring 1980s decal styling and a convenient quick-release system.

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