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1,995.00 USD

Made from Buddy Elmore’s 1966 Daytona 200-winning T100 race bike, the motorcycle which gave birth to the Daytona name.

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1,995.00 USD
Limited to 642 pieces
1,995.00 USD

Made from Buddy Elmore’s 1966 Daytona 200-winning T100 race bike, the motorcycle which gave birth to the Daytona name.

  • This is a Pre-order item. Read More
  • Free shipping, 3-year warranty & 30-days return. Read More
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The TTT Elmore is a limited edition timepiece made from Buddy Elmore’s 1966 Daytona 200-winning T100 race bike.

One of the most famous wins in motorcycle racing history, the 1966 Florida Daytona 200 saw Buddy Elmore spectacularly race from 46th on the grid to first place, winning the race on a prototype T100 Tiger – a dramatic victory that gave Triumph performance bikes the ‘Daytona’ name.

The original clutch plates have been repurposed to form the unique and highly limited series of TTT Elmore timepieces.


Diameter Case: 43,0 mm
Lug-to-lug: 46,5 mm
Height: 12,3 mm
Opening diameter: 33,0 mm


Customized SELLITA cal. SW200-1 Sb
Swiss Made
Time only (hours, minutes, seconds)
Automatic & manual winding
26 Jewels
41 Hours power reserver
28,800 bph (4hz)
Accuracy ±6 seconds per day


Central dial plate made from Buddy Elmores 1966 Triumph T100
Fully skeletonized sandwich dial
Applied hour markers with BGW9 Super Luminova
Hour and minute hand with BGW9 Super Luminova
30-degree dial rotation
Exhibition caseback
Serial number placque
3-year sales warranty from date of delivery
Water resistance 5 ATM, 50 meters


Crystal (Dial Glass): Sapphire crystal w. 3 layers of anti-reflection coating
Caseback glass: Mineral glass
Case & crown: 316L Stainless steel
Clasp: 316L Stainless steel


Width at lugs: 22,0mm
Width at clasp: 18,0mm
Length: 125 / 75mm
Materials: Double calf-skin leather

The ‘TTT’ name

“TTT” represents “Twist The Throttle,” indicating the motorcycle-inspired collection’s dual-case construction, enabling wearers to rotate the dial 30 degrees clockwise.


Made from the bike that spawned the Triumph ‘Daytona’ name



The Legendary

‘Daytona’ story


Buddy Elmore, an American motorcycle racer, clinched victory at the iconic Daytona 200-mile race in March 1966 astride a ‘works special’ 500cc Triumph Tiger 100.

Despite competing against larger 750cc Harley-Davidsons, the highly tuned T100 struggled with engine failures due to the relentless Florida heat.

With no qualifying time, Buddy started the race in 46th position aboard a bike hastily assembled the night before.

Nevertheless, Buddy’s remarkable performance saw him swiftly surpass the entire field, ultimately securing victory by a full minute. He achieved an astounding average speed of 96.582mph (156 km/h), making this race arguably the most renowned in Daytona 200 history.

Win on sunday

Sell on Monday


Buddy’s unexpected triumph marked a significant shift, ending nearly three decades of dominance by US and Canadian performance bikes, triumphing over the formidable Indian and Harley-Davidson rivals on their home turf.

The 1966 Daytona victory signaled the rise of Triumph racing bikes, inspiring Triumph to name subsequent performance models “Daytona” from 1967 onwards, starting with the T100R Daytona.

For over half a century, the Daytona name has persisted, with Buddy Elmore’s #79 bike serving as its origin. Today, only three 1966 Triumph ‘Daytonas’ are known to exist, elevating Buddy’s T100 bike to one of the most historically significant motorcycles in racing history.


Clutch plates


Today, the T100 race bike that won the 1966 Daytona 200 is a permanent fixture at the Triumph Factory Museum in Hinckley, symbolizing the enduring legacy of the Daytona performance line.

However, its journey to this status was far from straightforward.

Once believed lost, the bike eventually found its way to Dick Shepherd, renowned for owning the world’s largest private collection of Triumph motorcycles. After verifying its authenticity, Shepherd embarked on a meticulous restoration process to return it to its former glory. This endeavor spanned five months, during which 95% of the original parts were carefully preserved.

In restoring the bike, Shepherd replaced only the clutch plates and connecting rods, ensuring it mirrored its 1966 appearance. The original parts removed during restoration were passed on to REC Watches, where they were reforged and integrated into the TTT Elmore dials.

A fusion of

History & design


The TTT Elmore establishes a direct connection to the motorcycle’s legacy through various design elements. Repurposed Triumph T100 clutch plates form the dial’s centerpiece, complemented by subtle nods to the bike’s history.

The watch features a metallic and black color scheme, with the bike’s racing number #79 frosted on the caseback glass. Engraved on the recycled aluminum dial are Buddy’s 1966 race time and average speed, commemorating his remarkable victory. The skeletonized design showcases the customized Sellita SW200-1Sb caliber, featuring black ruthenium plating and a rotor inspired by motorcycle wheels.

With its proprietary dual-case construction, the TTT Elmore offers both Ride and Dress modes, adjustable by twisting the inner case. Polished wire lugs extend from the outer case, resembling exhaust pipes, while the left side displays a serial number plaque.

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