Introducing the SR-71 Habu Limited Edition

Made from SR-71 Blackbird aircraft no. 61-7956

The SR-71 Habu is a limited edition Swiss-made timepiece made from SR-71 Blackbird no. 61-7956.

This aircraft boasts an impressive record, with 1,454 successful flights and 3,967.5 flight hours, more than any other SR-71.

Encased in a titanium tonneau case, each timepiece incorporates a dial crafted from the aircraft’s inner engine nacelle exhaust ejectors titanium alloys, in addition to a wealth of design elements which embody the spirit of this aviation legend.


Introducing the 98T/4 Limited Edition

Made from Lotus 98T chassis no. 4

The 98T/4 is a limited edition Swiss-made chronograph made from Lotus 98T chassis no. 4.

This car was the final black and gold JPS car in F1, campaigned by Team Lotus in the closing eight races of the ‘86 season.

Each timepiece incorporates reforged aluminum from the car’s original plenum tubes. Encased in a sleek “glass box” case, the timepiece’s design elements capture the essence of this historic racing machine.


Introducing the TTT Elmore Limited Edition

Made from Buddy Elmore’s 1966 Daytona T100 race bike

One of the most famous wins in motorcycle racing history, the 1966 Florida Daytona 200, saw Buddy Elmore spectacularly race from 46th on the grid to first place, winning the race on a prototype T100 Tiger.

A dramatic victory that gave Triumph performance bikes the ‘Daytona’ name. The original clutch plates have been repurposed to form the unique and highly limited series of TTT Elmore timepieces.


Introducing the TTT Knievel Limited Edition

Made from Evel Knievels final stuntbike

Evel Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel, mesmerized audiences as an American motorcycle daredevil, renowned for his daring stunts.

The much-hyped “Shark Jump”, Evel Knievel’s last daredevil stunt, was set in the 70s shark craze, would come to mark the end of his incredible daredevil career.

The TTT Knievel timepieces incorporate aluminum sourced from the clutch levers of the XR750 motorcycle used in the “Shark Jump” stunt.

Introducing THE X4009 Collection

Made from Spitfire Mk1a aircraft X4009

The X4009 Collection is made from Mk1a Spitfire aircraft X4009, flown by Australian fighter-ace Paterson Clarence Hughes during the Battle of Britain.

Pat Hughes, DFC, an Australian fighter ace during WWII, is revered as a hero of the Battle of Britain, credited with up to 17 victories in the 1940 aerial campaign.

Aluminum from its fuselage is incorporated into each X4009 timepiece, allowing customers to contribute to the Spitfire’s restoration fund.