Limited to 282 pieces

P51 Green Hornet Sold out

1,695.00 USD

Made from Carroll Shelby’s 1968 experimental Ford Mustang GT500 coupé prototype, aka ‘Green Hornet’.

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1,695.00 USD
Limited to 282 pieces
1,695.00 USD

Made from Carroll Shelby’s 1968 experimental Ford Mustang GT500 coupé prototype, aka ‘Green Hornet’.

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The P51 Green Hornet is a limited edition timepiece made from Carroll Shelby’s 1968 Ford Mustang EXP500 prototype, aka ‘Green Hornet’.

Dubbed by Carroll Shelby himself as “the one and only Green Hornet,” this vehicle offers a glimpse into the historical narrative of Ford and Shelby American during the pinnacle of the American muscle car era. Today, it stands as one of the most exceptional and rarest Mustangs ever produced.

While many prototypes met their demise in the jaws of a crusher, the Green Hornet defied fate and returned to the road. Its surplus parts from a meticulous restoration now adorn the dials of the P51 Green Hornet timepieces.

Sporting a striking green-and-gray color palette, the P51 Green Hornet is elegantly presented on the wrist with its double calf leather strap and 42mm cushion case.


Diameter 42,0 mm
Height 13,3 mm
Lug-to-Lug 48,5 mm
Dial Opening Ø 37,0 mm
Weight: 122g


Caliber STP-12-13 movement
Type Mechanical, self-winding
Frequency 28,800 VPH (4.0 hz)
Power reserve 42 hours
Jewels 36


3 Hands w. small second at 9 o’clock / Power reserve indicator
Skeletonized sub-dial
5 ATM, 50 meters
3 year full warranty


316L Stainless steel
4-Piece case with black and grey PVD coating and stamped sides
Top glass Sapphire Crystal with 3 layers of anti-reflective coating
Closed caseback with laser-engraving and deep etching


Handcrafted metal dial cut directly from ‘Green Hornet’ – the 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 EXP


Grey calf leather strap with black inlay and quick-release system
Width (Lugs) 22,0 mm
Width (Buckle) 20,0 mm
Length 125,0 /85,0 mm


I’ve always been asked, ‘What’s your favorite car?’ and I’ve always said, ‘The next one.’

– Carroll Shelby

Two of a kind

Shelby experimental


Carroll Shelby and Shelby American crafted two experimental Ford Mustang coupes, among them the Green Hornet.

Originally painted Lime Gold, this model was initially designed as a prototype for Ford’s potential nationwide release of the California Special. However, when Ford discontinued the project, the car found its way to Shelby Automotive.

Under Shelby’s supervision, the Green Hornet became a pioneering vehicle, blending various experimental techniques. These innovations included independent rear suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and the groundbreaking Conelec four-barrel computerized fuel injection system, a revolutionary feat in 1968.

Furthermore, the experimental exhaust and intake manifolds employed in the Green Hornet would later become integral components of Ford’s renowned Cobra Jet engine.

Despite assumptions that the Green Hornet met its fate in the crusher after its prototype phase, original records suggest otherwise. While many believed the car had been “disposed of,” implying it had been crushed, it was ultimately discovered that the vehicle had been sold, thus ensuring its survival.

Brought back to

Former glory


Restored to its initial experimental brilliance under the stewardship of Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson, the Green Hornet underwent a monumental restoration effort aimed at reassembling all its experimental features. This iconic vehicle offers a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of Ford and Shelby American during the peak of the American muscle car era.

Dubbed by Carroll Shelby himself as “the one and only Green Hornet,” it has since earned a place as one of the most extraordinary and rare Mustangs in automotive history. The Green Hornet embodies a pivotal period of innovation and boldness in the American automotive narrative. The Shelby team crafted a testament to the legendary late 1960s era at Shelby American, a defining chapter of Mustang history.

Led by Craig Jackson and Jason Billups, the restoration project sought to restore the car to its prototype specifications, even fabricating experimental components. Surplus sheet metal from this restoration effort was repurposed for the P51 Green Hornet watch.

Tribute to a

A True Original


Crafting a timepiece that pays homage to both the timeless design and rich history of one of the most legendary Mustangs ever produced posed an exhilarating challenge.

Our objective was to unveil an electrifying, next-generation addition to our esteemed P51 Collection, replete with design elements that would immediately resonate with avid Mustang aficionados.

Throughout the entire process, our focus remained on integrating a plethora of nods to the iconic Shelby Green Hornet.

With a dial fashioned from reclaimed sheet metal sourced from the vehicle itself, the watch seamlessly incorporates numerous distinctive features of the Green Hornet into its case, strap, and dial. These include a crown meticulously crafted to mirror the hubcaps, a strap stitching pattern directly inspired by the seats, and taillight motifs delicately laser-engraved onto the case’s side.

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