Limited to 456 pieces

SPX DeLorean Sold out

1,995.00 USD

Made from John Z. DeLorean’s personal DMC-12 company car.

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1,995.00 USD
Limited to 456 pieces
1,995.00 USD

Made from John Z. DeLorean’s personal DMC-12 company car.

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The SPX DeLorean is a limited-edition timepiece made from John Z. DeLorean’s personal DMC-12 company car.

A ‘time machine’ to the ‘80s, this exclusive vehicle was manufactured by the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) in Northern Ireland, but less than 9,000 cars were made before the company filed for bankruptcy. The DMC-12 is the canvas to a blockbuster tale that encompassed stunning design, big-screen features, a tragic downfall and a lasting fanbase – a folklore that reached car afficionados universally.

As a car that took you ‘Back to the Future,’ we captured its timeless design, unique aesthetic and the controversial automotive narrative that surrounded it and packaged it into our limited-edition SPX DeLorean.


Diameter 39,0 mm
Lug-to-lug 47,5 mm
Height 11,2 mm
Opening diameter 30,0 mm


Swiss made skeletonized SELLITA caliber: SW200-1 S c
Time only (Hours, Minutes & Seconds)
– Stop second device
– Self-Winding mechanism
Automatic & manual winding
26 Jewels
41 Hours power reserve
28,800 bph. 4Hz
Accuracy +- 15 sec per day


Recycled outer dial ring made from DMC-12 VIN SCEDT26TIBD006882
Exhibition caseback
Skeletonized dial
Integrated strap
Water resistance 5ATM / 50M


Width (lug): 27,5mm
Width (Folding Clasp): 20,0 mm
Length: 125 / 75 mm


Top glass: Sapphire crystal w. 3 layers of AR Coating
Caseback glass: Mineral Glass
Case,Caseback & Crown: 316L Stainless steel
Strap: FKM Rubber
Folding Clasp: 316L Stainless Steel

Legal Disclaimer

DELOREAN and related marks, vehicles, trade dress, emblems, logos and designs are intellectual property of DMC and are used with permission by REC Watches ApS. 2022 DMC. All rights reserved. Esler archive DeLorean images are property of Alexx Michael / and are used with permission by REC Watches ApS.

Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?!


The DeLorean Dream

Imagined by engineering and marketing genius John Z. DeLorean, the DMC-12 took six years to go from a clean-sheet concept to production and retail sales. Bringing together some of the brightest automotive minds, this venture was a reflection of innovative ideas, creative design, and sadly, self-assured hubris.

Coined the ‘Elon Musk of the 80s’, John DeLorean was an eccentric figure in a sea of bland corporatism – a man with charisma and wit that propelled the marketing successes of his past and, it was hoped, of the DMC-12.

The DMC-12 was manufactured in a purpose-built factory in Belfast, a city where political strife, sectarian violence, and unemployment were the norm, to garner the support of the UK government and generate funding.

Once the factory site was chosen, there was only 26 months to productionize the concept whilst building and outfitting the factory. The first DeLorean rolled off the line in January 1981.

The preceding years of media exposure and a dealer network of more than 340 locations in the USA led to no shortage of initial demand. But the recession of the early 1980s made the $25,000 DeLorean a hard sell in a time where car loans carried interest rates upwards of 18%. Betting that the economy would turn, John DeLorean doubled production to meet his expected surge in demand. Bad timing meant that this was not to be, and as car sales dropped precipitously, the factory was forced into receivership.

With no further backing from the then Thatcher-led Conservative government and accusations against John Z. DeLorean for financing a cocaine deal in a desperate attempt to secure funding, the DeLorean dream was over in late 1982.

Though DeLorean himself was found not guilty at trial in 1984 as a result of FBI entrapment, the factory was shuttered and the company dissolved. In 1985, the car’s starring role in the acclaimed comedic sci-fi film, ‘Back to the Future’, helped to immortalize the vehicle and make it an instantly recognizable sight on the open road.

Over the years, the entire story of the DeLorean is the reason that the DeLorean DMC-12 remains one of the best known and well-revered automobiles of the late 20th century.


A moment in automotive history with a lasting legacy

On the sidelines, in the shadow of one of the most divisive and controversial stories of automotive history, the 8,975 DMC-12s built were left wanting for parts and service when the original DeLorean Motor Company closed its doors.

Stephen Wynne, who operated an independent auto service facility at the time, identified the Renault drivetrain and other components commonly found on the other cars that he regularly serviced. With a demand for servicing and as others in the industry ran away from the DeLorean car and brand, Wynne embraced it and devoted himself and his company to the car.

Wynne’s new company in Texas acquired the remaining inventory of parts, along with engineering documents and drawings from the liquidator in Columbus, Ohio that acquired them shortly after the factory’s closure in early 1983.

Wynne’s DMC, dedicated to the DMC-12, has stewardship of the more than 3.5 million new original stock (NOS), replacement and reproduction DeLorean parts and accessories in their 40,000 sq ft. (3,700m2) headquarters.

Now, with over 40 years servicing DeLorean cars, DMC are collaborating with REC Watches to produce a timepiece that fuses the DNA of a DeLorean with the timeless quality of a REC timepiece.


Designing the SPX DeLorean

Condensing this historical narrative into a timepiece that weaves together its various elements by its inspired design references, the SPX DeLorean communicates the proverbial fabric of DeLorean lore.

An original part of one of John DeLorean’s company DeLorean cars has been seamlessly repurposed into the outer ring-piece of the watch face which serves a dual function in design as minute-markers, indicated by its engraved lines.

A bird’s eye view of the SPX resembles that of the car silhouette with its signature gullwing doors outstretched.

The straps bear indents that are reminescent of the rear sunshade louver of the DeLorean, and a rubber stripe spans across the sides of the watch, evoking the body side moldings of the car.

The minutes index is also a reference to the Giugiaro-designed turbine wheels of the DMC-12, and the design motif on the caseback is inspired by the distinctive grid-like pattern of the rear tail lights.

Limited to 456 pieces, you’re invited to share in the rich story of this iconic vehicle that dominated the big screen and remains one of the most captivating stories into the 21st century. We know that time travel happens at 88 mph. With this timepiece on your wrist, all it takes is a conversation.

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